Liam was here

Fuckin crapper

— from Priscilla today when looking for a peach under the stove.

But mommy, how did I get in your tummy? And why is your tummy so soft? Is there a baby in there now? What did I like to do as a baby? Tell me a story about me when I was in your tummy.

— birds and the bees already? My sweet, inquisitive boy. Nighttime conversations might be my favorite time of day.

A raisin birdie

— for a raven

Ok but I don’t got it, ok, I’m just saying

— after I told Liam tonight that “he needed to go to sleep now, you got it?”

I wish we could always stay together as a faahhhmaly

I wanna be in that story for real

— tonight at bedtime while daddy told a story, by request, about a whole family of Buechlers in Mexico.

I’m starting to be a grown up because I got hairs on my legs

— oh Liam, the things you say..

Mommy, where did you get that rug? Mommy, where did you get that red shirt? Mommy, where did you get that lamp? Mommy, where did you get that earring?

— oh my sweet boy, you are starting to be the king of bedtime delays.

I don’t know where it is Myles, you lost it so much

—Liam tonight after Myles lost a ball under the tv stand

"Myles can you say…"

I don’t see any popcorn making going on in here

I don’t want to ask Santa with that beard on him, you ask Santa for the blades the helicopter for my birthday and wolverine for Christmas

— on the way home from lax after Puerto Vallarta.

8-4-0, this must be it, let’s check in!

—4-0, this must be it, let’s check in!”


Blaster yoda